Authentic Mexican Food in Provo

June 18th, 2013

Trying to find good Mexican food in Provo had been a bit more difficult than expected. After living in California for two years and living with Latinos, I came back to Provo looking for good Mexican food, and the best that I could find was Cafe Rio and Costa Vida. Don’t get me wrong those places were good, but it wasn’t the authentic, natural, tasting Mexican food that I had come to love. Those restaurants had their place and filled a niche, but they weren’t quite the homemade tacos, burritos, and tortas that had been cooked for me on a regular basis.

Most mainstream Mexican restaurants served everything in an immense amount of overly-sweetened sauces, which generally seemed to mask the flavors of the more natural and simple ingredients. It might be an old-fashioned notion when it comes to food, but I think that you can always add ingredients, but you can’t subtract. The classic Mexican food that I had come to love relied more on well-seasoned meat, adding natural ingredients, and relying on that flavor.

Most mainstream Mexican food in Provo tends to smother their Mexican food in overly rich, sugary, ranch sauces. So after coming close to giving up on eating good Mexican food in Provo, I finally was introduced to Mountain West Burrito, and my worries were alleviated. Mountain West Burrito definitely captured the essence of beautiful simplicity. Their ingredients were all-natural, and you could taste that they were using fresh ingredients and cooking in an authentic manner. The problem was that since they weren’t an enormous, overly-hyped chain, like most of the popular Mexican food, I hadn’t heard of them. However, once I got my claws into their food, I was hooked.

I was getting so frustrated looking for good Mexican food in Provo, and Mountain West Burrito definitely helped to alleviate those frustrations. They say that good food can bring back good memories, and Mountain West Burrito helped me remember all those good times I had in California.

Mountain West Burrito
Located at

1796 N 950 W,

Phone: 801-805-1870