Real Mexican Food in Provo

January 23rd, 2013

You don’t need to go to Mexico to get affordable and delicious Mexican food made from scratch daily. Right here in Provo, Mountain West Burrito makes each menu item by hand daily and always adds a pinch of thoughtfulness.

At Mountain West Burrito we care about where our food comes from. Our beef comes from Double R Ranch where the cows have plenty of room to stroll around and enjoy the sun, and the chicken comes from Red Bird farms where they have space to roam around and be chickens. All of our food is locally sourced and organic. Each ingredient is so fresh and tasty. When all of their powers of freshness are combined into one burrito it, creates a taste so delicious that it might even save your soul from the darkness of wilted lettuce and soggy taco shells found at the national chain restaurants.

With such delicious premium flavors at Mountain West Burrito you’d expect a premium price along with some cheesy, sombrero-wearing waiters singing happy birthday and embarrassing their diners, but not here. At Mountain West Burrito our prices are affordable because we care. We don’t wear sombreros, and our service is fast, as in blink-of-an-eye fast. Seriously, come to our restaurant, blink your eyes and a warm, made-from-scratch burrito will appear.